Sail Mini 6.50 in

La Rochelle

€ 250


period: June 25 - September 15

place: Port des Minimes La Rochelle

booking: by email


La Rochelle is the home port of L-ROC's Mini 6.50, called "Minidoc". It is so easy to book your sailing adventure from this genuine port - genuine because it takes only 15 minutes from the port to open waters . This is immediate access to fun !


Let us help you to find your best way to La Rochelle, we also offer to organize your accomodation needs and have pleasure in recommending wonderful restaurants.


Should your preferred adventure date already be booked, we have a network of partners who also offer offshore sailing, be it on other Mini 6.50 vessels or larger sailing ships of (almost) any size.


Experience an unforgettable sailing day !


You can book this offer per day. Our offer for 2-3 day nonstop trips is adressed to experienced sailors only, due to the necessity of shared day-and -night shifts.


What does this offer include ?


You book a daytrip on a Mini 6.50 sailship with a competent skipper, absolutely able to handle the boat alone. The boat has its liability insurance covered, as has the skipper. The skipper will provide a life vest for each guest, but the guest is responsible to bring his/ her own sailing clothes ( if weather forecast suggests so).


The day trip (always depending of wind / weather) normally will start around or by 10 AM and will not finish later then 08 PM. Routing is dependant of wind directions and forces, the skipper will make any effort to match your routing request if appropriate. The maximum number of passengers is 2.


One freezedried meal (like we eat it during the races) and one minidoc-shirt per person are included.

No other services are included nor can be assumed, especially transport/ journey to/from the harbour, accomodation and other meals are not part of this offer.


But we are happy to provide you with information and assistance should you request us to arrange bookings for you. In this case we will provide you with an estimate.


If wind or weather on the day booked is not appropriate to depart from the harbour ( because wind is either too light or too strong), the skipper might decide not to go sailing that day. In such case the customer will be refunded the booking price, unless a new date can be agreed on. Any further claims are excluded.


If you are a sailor you are welcome as an additional deckhand, and depending of your experience in steering larger and faster sailships, you also may be allowed to steer the boat. Yet, no guest can claim the right to steer the boat. As always the skipper is the boss.



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